What Not To Miss at CES 2016

January 1, 2016


CES is just a few short days away and for the first time in a years, the tech community is all a buzz as it will be one of the best showcases of new tech in a very long time. Auto tech is going to be one of the key spaces to pay attention to. Virtual Reality will take CES by storm as well. Fitness and Digital Health have two full days of new product demos as that vertical has blown up the last couple of years.

With Google’s self-driving car making bigger headlines than ever as they create a plan to take on Uber this year, be prepared to see a lot of assisted driving tech at CES. In Toyota, Hyundai, and Ford, driving assistance has rolled out in their 2016 vehicles. The tech-enabled cars can make the car stay within the lines of the road, stop if the car in front of you slams on their brakes, and alert you if you are trying to back up or switch lanes and there is a car already there. Mercedes and VW are both debuting cars at CES this year and all the top car manufacturers have showcases to wow the car tech enthusiasts with their latest achievements.

Virtual Reality has made a lot of advancements over this past year. CES 2016 will showcase the latest in devices, experiences, and tech that will blow your mind, figuratively speaking, of course! CES press releases have been steadily rolling out showing everything from VR in kid tech to the adult-only world of what put the sin in Sin City.

CES has two different tracks this year dealing with Fitness and Digital Health. This tech sector is one of the fastest growing and every year more exhibitors showcase the latest in fitness wearables and analytics. In year’s past, this vertical quickly grew with fitness bands that could measure your heart rate, steps, and other bodily measurements. This year though, they can measure the level of hydration in the body, a specific muscle’s mass and fat content, as well as if there is too much or too little glucose in the bloodstream without using a needle.

These are just a few of the highlights that will be at CES. Stay tuned as we bring you coverage straight from the CES floor next week.

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