San Francisco VC Fast Pitch Presenting Companies Announced

May 1, 2018

The San Francisco Venture Capital Fast Pitch Conference ( announced the presenting companies for their event to be held on Thursday, May 3, 20178 from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the downtown campus of San Francisco State University located at 835 Market St in San Francisco. The event is hosted by Black Dog Venture Partners.

The Venture Capital Fast Pitch Conference will continue their sold-out series where they bring in local and out-of-town investors to judge the pitches of early-stage companies looking to raise capital. The conference has investors from Silicon Valley, Southern California and throughout the country where they will introduce them to entrepreneurs and discuss what it really takes to get them to write you a check!

Presenting companies include:

Mike Moore, Falcon Nano

Falcon Nano has a wireless technology that enables wireless data transmissions to be 8X faster thru an 8X increase in spectral efficiency.

One of the many applications is to enable people to get faster internet through their smartphones than they do through cable modems or DSL.  Other applications include satellite communications, WiFi (local area networks), Internet of Things (IoT), telemedicine, drone communications, etc.

Joe Albrethsen, Wobbl3 Entertainment LLC

Wobbl3 Entertainment specializes in helping Celebrities, Athletes, and Musicians monetize their brand through the exciting and engaging world of video games. Their proprietary technology can scale across multiple game genres for creating customized experiences around music and major sports.

Rick Narpaul, Founder and CEO Mach1 Services

Located in San Antonio, TX mach1 Services is a one of a kind Phone App for on-demand roadside assistance. it is Patent pending and Trademarked. Mach1 automates and digitize the roadside assistance industry with. a broad variety of vetted and trained service providers. It is a B2B and B2C model. mach1 is expected to launch in July of 2018.

Mario Mare Founder CEO, 6days Productions

Hangnever holds a unique positioning by being a proactive recovery, or ‘prevention’ rather than ‘recovery’ drink. You consume it as a precaution measure, so that you will not wake up with the worst hangover, and their formula seems to really do the trick. Does it really work? There is only one way to find out.

Martin Johnson, Jedisof

We are JEDISOF® the developer and provider of ToReCall® the software tool to turn trial and error into trial and success. Our patent pending process enables enterprise customers to exceed their engineering and quality assurance goals. Our software as a service sets the standard in reducing production costs and increasing first pass quality. Our customers save time and money by reducing the possibility for product recalls or rework in production and non-production industries. Our unique software tool takes data from daily operations to produce and structure relevant data for users to efficiently monitor AND take informed action(s). This actionable data impacts companies by increasing productivity and decreasing rework and defects within their processes. With the ToReCall® software suite developed from proven approaches and ideas implemented in some of America’s largest companies over the last twenty years, companies will save millions annually in rework, productivity, and labor costs.

Carrie Martz, Clean Light Laboratories, LLC

Clean Light Labs is a consumer products innovation company delivering the ultimate sanitizing solutions for every product in all households using our patented refraction UV-C technology. Current methods used to disinfect products are not as effective in getting into the cracks and crevices where germs live and they may damage some items. Our newest product, Puritize, is a one-step simple dry solution that kills germs quickly.  Targeting the growing baby and beauty markets as well as for general household sanitization, we are addressing an $8 billion domestic market.

Sara Naab, Sandstone Diagnostics

A digital health company that provides education, tools and insights to help men improve their health.

Jack Gaffney – Bad Kitty

Social media darling Bad Kitty® is a true 21st century lifestyle brand with apparel at its core and a business model that expands to publishing, web series, live streams and podcasts. They service a new breed of modern millennial woman; an adventurous and daring soul who is proud to express her true self and challenge traditional rules of conformity.  In advance of entering the global big box marketplace, Bad Kitty has established an omni channel manufacturing & distribution model backed by a strong strategic partnership with a Chinese, multi-billion dollar, publicly traded, apparel industry giant.

Damon Grow, Co-Founder Superstar Games, Inc.

Superstar Games is an augmented reality (AR) game company started by gaming industry veteran Damon Grow and legendary NFL quarterback, Joe Montana. We are a seven-person team of experienced designers, developers, artists and gaming executives located in San Francisco. Five of us are developers who have shipped multiple bestselling games on multiple platforms. Damon is an experienced game designer/monetization expert whose games had a combined 55 million users on Facebook. Derek, our CEO, has scaled and sold multiple game companies including Playdom and Funplus. We are backed by top tier investors including Robert Kraft (owner of the Patriots), David Siegel (former CEO of Frontier Airlines), Presence Capital, Stan McKee (former EA CFO and Board Member) and the Irish Angels (Notre Dame alumni investment group).

Elyse Petersen, CEO Tealet

Tealet is a B2B marketplace for independent farmers. Tealet serves as a transparent supply chain platform that provides optimized online marketing, international logistics, and low costs payments via cryptocurrency.

Thomas Farmer, HEALORA

B2B SaaS application to remove costly administrative layers between doctor and employee for outpatient procedures

Casey Minshew, CEO EnergyFunders

Financial Technology focused on the Energy

Aleks Basalilov, Parts Detect

Parts Detect is a free mobile application that helps automotive service and repair professionals find aftermarket and OEM parts within seconds and have them delivered from local part vendors. We provide a search platform for parts and products and review your options by location, warranty, quantity and availability.

David Haag, Poker Games Interactive LLC

Poker Games Interactive focuses on developing groundbreaking technological solutions to challenging problems in emerging markets worldwide.

Dave Damer, Founder & CEO, Testfire Labs

Testfire Labs specializes in natural language processing and machine learning. Our flagship product,, is a solution that joins meetings, captures all important information, automatically builds a meeting summary, and collects additional layers of meta data that facilitate post meeting follow up. Meeting data is captured across the enterprise and machine learning is used to deliver actionable insights to business leaders. /

Along with the pitch competition, there is an educational and networking component to the event. All attendees will be gaining an understanding of what investors are looking for in an investment and what our entrepreneurs are building. .

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