Orange County VC Fast Pitch Presenting Companies

November 13, 2017

We are excited to announce the presenting companies for the Orange County Venture Capital Fast Pitch Conference on Thursday November 30th at The Cove at UC Irvine Applied Innovation in Irvine, CA Check back at this page often as we will be adding additional presenting companies.’s software gives professionals the means to build networks of interrelated professionals called” trusted teams,” and to nurture, monitor and encourage referrals. That’s why thousands of professionals use our software every day. We enable professional service providers to refer and be referred. Learn more at

SMART Brain Aging, Inc. uses engaging, social prevention and treatment therapies both in-person and online to reduce the onset and impact of dementia.

Neuro Therapeutics is a digital health startup, building hardware products and software platforms designed to measurably improve brain health. The company’s Versus product helps health and wellness providers scale their practices by delivering brain health services in a modern, scalable fashion.

Bad Kitty® Inc has a market tested track record of consistent growth and revenue and have proven their concept and innovated women’s athletic apparel. Founded in 2008 and based in Phoenix AZ, Bad Kitty® is a true 21st century lifestyle brand specializing in the Activewear, Swimwear, Street & Lifestyle verticals. Their flagship Activewear offering PoleFit® is the first of its kind specific to the Pole Sport/Fitness lifestyle and is currently sold in over 70 countries worldwide via it’s website and 3,000 registered wholesale reseller clients. Learn more at

Precision Solutions Enterprise Inc – Our approach to animal health care turns the market on its ear with new technology that challenges the status quo. Our unique products for large and small animal leg health and wound care combine all-natural ingredients that work together synergistically. These patent-pending formulations go far beyond setting the stage for healing. They fill a need that has been missed by the competitors. Learn more at

Rivvibe™ is a carefully adapted family recipe for moringa tea, bringing a new hydration experience for people with active lifestyles.

I’ve Been Vetted (IBV) was created by a Risk Manager who sought to reduce defense and settlement costs for businesses whose employees/contractors come in direct contact with the public. To learn more about IBV’s services, visit

Ops Guru’s award-winning system decreases the waiting experienced by patients at many medical facilities, reducing patient frustration and increasing provider financial performance due to increased efficiency. UCI Health reduced patient cycle time by 32% and increased patient visits and revenue by 11% without investing in additional staff or facilities.

Seasonally Fresh is creating an end-to-end (B2B2C) discovery platform, marketplace, and knowledgebase infrastructure for myriad food industry participants within the LOCAL, organic, and sustainable, food industry. We’re focused on small to midsized producers and connect: farms, ranches, aquaculture, and wild caught providers, distributors, 1st handlers, grocery stores, restaurants, institutions, certifiers, charities, and consumers.

CrayPay is a mobile payment and marketing platform that allows consumers to pay with their iOS or Android phone in-store and online. They receive an instant savings on all purchases through our platform, along with points that unlock larger incentives on all future purchases and other promotional offers. We launched officially on 9/4/17 with 120 national brand partners, including household names like Amazon, Best Buy, Red Robin, Lowe’s, American Eagle, and AMC Theatres.

Healora saves patients and employers up to 70% on medical procedures costs with our direct pay network.

Zipderm is a physician-designed artificial intelligence platform that uses a patent-pending algorithm to deliver skincare in a more cost-effective and time-efficient manner. The process is easy, the user logs in, answers a few questions, uploads their photo, and within seconds, get a treatment plan that is customized for their unique skin characteristics.

Germfalcon is a germ killing robot for commercial aircraft and other appliations. Passengers and scientists know airplanes cause disease and we present the only practical sanitization solution. The Germfalcon takes only 3 minutes and uses hospital proven germicidal UVC technology. 

LiGiTBiZ ia a proprietary software; first of its kind app that enables consumers to access authentic article. where fake will have no metrics of access

Slemma makes data visualization easy and intuitive : The user-friendly interface makes it so easy to build charts and dashboards that anyone can do it. Slemma’s robust functionality allows users to dig deep into their data while still presenting their findings in a neat and simple dashboard. Slemma connects directly to multiple cloud solutions and data warehouses marketplace customers already use: Slemma currently connects to 75+ cloud service providers and data warehouses so users can visualize and analyze their data within one tool. Slemma’s “data mashup” feature allows users to marry different datasets by one common dimension.

HouseStay Inc is an online marketplace for fully furnished standalone home and apartment rentals for Global Mobility Professionals, Business Travelers, Temporary Relocation Tenants, and Individuals as an alternative to extended stay hotels with a minimum stay of 30 Days (No Maximum).

Dog is Good is “a lifestyle brand” for dog lovers. The company creates and sells (primarily wholesale) dog themed apparel, gifts, home decor and other products for dog lovers (DIG is not a pet products company). The unique and original art and messaging, appeals strongly to dog lovers and elicits an emotional response. The company’s vision is: to be to the dog lover what Harley Davidson is to the motorcycle enthusiast for products, services and experiences.

WOBBL3 is developing games for music and film, licensing top tier music producers and movie deals. Our proprietary tech is used to synchronize in game actions to the music for a fully immersive experience. Our flagship title is DubWars a twin stick shooter set to Electronic Dance Music where the weapons fire to the music!

Liver disease affects about a billion people worldwide. Unlike the competition, the HEPATIQ test measures liver function which is what determines outcomes. The product is pure software, so there is no manufacturing cost. The company has completed product development, obtained regulatory clearances, secured patents and trademarks, and has paying customers. For more information, please visit

AuroraTek is developing transformational biotech, energy and space technology with applications in clean bio-friendly improved health and well being, improved operating efficiency of electric systems exceeding 100% and inertialess propulsion for everyday lifting and space-based systems.

Yuppr is a social recommendation platform. It allows people to exchange things they experience and love such as books, articles, movies, music, places, products and much more, all in one place. Yuppr makes it easier than ever to find recommendations from friends when needed.

Onde Corp. An early stage digital labor platform. We are a disruptive human capital management (HCM) service provider, revolutionizing employment in the Gig Economy by delivering a mobile work platform for real-time shift based or remote clouded labor pools. We provide advanced tools to better connect hiring managers, HR, and On-Demand workers in real-time.

Falcon Nano, Inc. offers wireless telecommunication services. The company was incorporated in 2007 and is based in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

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