Introducing Umbrella – “Digital Agency in a Box” Solution.

September 1, 2019

Umbrella helps people build a business in partnership with leading brands.

Market & Trend. There are 50M freelancers in the US. 70% of freelancers sell 3rd party products & services (e.g. setting up an Amazon store or selling Avon).

Need. More people are making freelancing their primary source of income and putting more effort into making their self-employment a success. However, it’s hard to build a business – people are not sure what to sell, how to sell it, and how to secure good wholesale prices. Additionally, they lack brand and business infrastructure, and can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars before realizing it’s not what they would like to do.

Opportunity. As more and more people are choosing freelancing as a career there is an increasing demand for professional solutions that provide them with what they need to build, manage and grow a successful business.

Solution. Umbrella creates Virtual Franchises (VFs) in partnership with leading Software Product Companies (SPCs) that in turn want to reach local businesses via a large pool of freelancers (Umbrella members). A virtual franchise is a “business in a box” that includes:

• Products to sell – Licenses to resell SPCs products with very attractive wholesale prices (Umbrella bulk buys from SPC to reduce wholesale costs – sort of like a ”Sam’s Club”)
• Fulfillment – Fulfillment, billing & operational support of said products.
• Know-how – Sales, marketing training & tools
• Branding & Marketing – Certification, presence & branding (licenses to use PBC branding)
• Ongoing support

Value. Umbrella enables SPCs to penetrate local businesses via a large pool of freelancers. Freelancers get a low-cost, turkey solution to build a business selling branded products & services. A formulated path to success for $197/mo.

Business models. Main: SaaS + Commission + Selling business solutions to members (insurance, loans, business software, etc.)

Traction to date:

2017 – Founded. Launched 3 Virtual Franchises (VF’s).
2018 – $1M Revenues. Launched 3 VFs
2019 (Apr) – $67K MRR. 3.76%/mo churn. Launched 2 VFs

• Members can’t get the same pricing or support directly from SPCs. It will be like a shopper trying to bypass Sam’s Club and buy directly from their vendors.
• Umbrella owns the Virtual Franchises – the licensing agreements, training content & tools and the franchise branding.
• End-client billing & management is done using Umbrella’s platform.

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