10 Ways to Get a Better Click-Through Rate and Further Reach on Twitter

December 16, 2013

Twitter can be a gold mine for people and businesses that want to share links and get their brand, products or service noticed. But first, you have to be savvy enough to fish in the Twitter stream and get your message heard. There are some key ways that you can focus your message to increase […]

How Twitter is Helping Shape the Future of Television

November 23, 2013

In a span of just three years, the percentage of consumers watching television during prime time who also use Twitter has increased by more than 60%, according to the report by The Media Audit. Nearly 15% of those who watch TV during prime time on a typical day have also used Twitter in the past […]

Google+ It’s Here to Stay, So Let’s Play

October 21, 2013

Google+ has been around for a couple of years now and when it was first unrolled, it was met with lukewarm response. Hailed by some who saw its potential as another avenue to help market their business and reviled by others who thought of it more of “just another social networking site” that was a […]