Introducing The San Francisco Venture Capital Fast Pitch Presenting Companies

October 22, 2018

We are excited to announce the companies presenting for November 1st San Francisco Venture Capital Fast Pitch. 

Carrie Martz, Clean Light Laboratories, LLC

Clean Light Labs is a consumer products innovation company delivering the ultimate sanitizing solutions for every product in all households using our patented refraction UV-C technology. Current methods used to disinfect products are not as effective in getting into the cracks and crevices where germs live and they may damage some items.

John Vitti, MrktStar

MrktStar is the world’s largest prediction marketplace for everyone. Get paid for being right.

Kevin S. Gillespie – Co-Founder & CEO Text A Lawyer, Inc.

We are the world’s fastest way to hire a lawyer.  Lawyers wait for questions. Clients submit individual questions lawyers can answer quickly for low, fixed fees.  Clients choose how many to ask, and receive an emailed transcript afterwards.

Oskar Thorvaldsson Great North

We specialize in contract manufacturing, co-branding, selling, and shipping for social media influencers eager to promote their own products. We also own Bernard Jensen Products a brand established in 1963.,

Kishi Yoshua, Haloash

We are creating a therapy chatbot for adult ADHD.

Michael Kirksey, Beem Biologics Inc.

Beem Biologics develops all-natural biostimulants and biopesticides that raise crop yields and lower farmer stress for 1.4 billion acres of farmland

Alex Mulyar, CRI Genetics

We provide Ancestry & Health reports to consumers from their DNA.We plan on extending our AI applications to develop personalized medicine, and pharmacogenomic discoveries.

Mirek Sopek, MakoLab

Digital Solutions Agency – is the single point for digital transformation, delivering projects for global companies. Makolab’s offer embraces digital solutions to support its clients in achieving their business goals.

Fordham Tucker, 3D System Integrators LLC (3DSi)

3D System Integrators is a proven technology developer of cloud-based asset capture, infrastructure modeling and information delivery solutions for the Wireless, Wireline and Broadband industries.

Rama Nalla, Cosmic Kayka

Cosmic Kayka specializes in Product Development and Services empowering users and businesses with disruptive tools in Mobile, Web, Cloud, Social Media, Messaging and Analytics.

Donald Weber, Beacon Biomedical

Beacon develops easy, accurate & affordable blood-tests for earlier cancer detection designed for individuals who are unwilling or unable to participate in existing screening tests.

Ryan Long, City Gala/City Summit

CITY GALA provides a unique and critically needed service – assisting start-ups and young, growing non-profit organizations founded by community leaders committed to solving global challenges such as eradicating poverty, promoting health and wellness, feeding hungry, sheltering homeless, liberating slaves from sex trafficking, and educating & mentoring underserved youth.

Jo Lynn Clemens, I’ve Been Vetted.

I’ve Been Vetted (IBV) provides the world’s first Auto-Renewable Post Employment Risk Mitigation platform to show your clients an enhanced level of safety and security.  IBV helps your company to mitigate risks related to negligent hiring.  Member companies receive a customized and secure portal that allows them to filter results by occupation, region and status.  A market differentiator, IBV also encourages employees, independent contractors and vendors to avoid activities that could taint the reputation of your company

Joe Albrethsen Wobbl3 Entertainment LLC

Wobbl3 Entertainment specializes in helping Celebrities, Athletes, and Musicians monetize their brand through the exciting and engaging world of video games. Their proprietary technology can scale across multiple game genres for creating customized experiences around music and major sports.

Richard Bronson 70 Million Jobs

70 Million Jobs, a Y Combinator company, is the first national, for-profit employment platform for people with criminal records. We are very profitable and scaling fast.

Dave Talenfeld Botanisol Analytics, Inc.

With the legalization of marijuana on the increase in our states, law enforcement is struggling with an accurate, quantitative way to measure driver intoxication. We provide reliable solutions at a lower cost than the

Rick Fenning, Founder & CEO OC Mojo, LLC

Mojo Bounce™ by OC Mojo, LLC: creating a new genre of interactive redemption arcade game loved by virtually every kid on earth.

Homayoun Yousefi’zadeh, Ph.D. CellOnyx

CellOnyx offers AI-based software solutions for cellular congestion. To date, it has developed intellectual property, released products, gained mobile operator traction, and recently generated revenues.

Dr. Osama Khan, MonoLets, Inc.

MonoLets is building a cryptographically secure data warehouse at scale. We build the network with batteryless and disposable wireless sensors at a price point that essentially enables embedding wireless connectivity into physical objects.

Jane Christensen, Omni Bioceutical Innovations

Omni Bioceutical Innovations is committed to delivering innovative skin treatment and care solutions to meet the dermatological needs of people throughout their lifetime while serving professionals in the global medical aesthetic market.

Dan Lear, Do I Need A Lawyer? LLC

An app that asks simple questions (think Turbo Tax) to help people decide: “Do I need a lawyer?”.  At the end, if the app determines you need a lawyer, there is a search tool to find a lawyer near you via geolocation.  It’s a free download; revenue is generated from lawyers who pay to exclusive coverage of an area.

Jeray Reed, Social Media Freedom

Social Media Freedom is not “just another Social Media Platform”. It’s a place where you can truly be yourself. Connect with others close by, or see what’s going on elsewhere. Join a tribe that shares your goals & interests. Social Media Freedom allows people to connect and share whats important to them like no other app allows. Join our community and become part of a movement!

Diane Najm, PhotoPad

PhotoPad is a cloud-base all-inclusive platform with design tools for businesses to create content simply, quickly and affordable with no design skills or team needed.

Jeff Holley, Databytes

Never lose the things that matter most to you with the DataBytes Tracer. The Tracer doesn’t require Wi-Fi or a connection to your phone, and it can operate anywhere there is cell signal. Its rugged design is extremely durable and waterproof, with a battery life of up to one year.

Babatunde Olaniran, theVOIZapp

An audio first social platform that caters for audio lovers, creators, podcasters & radio stations to build a real online community and interaction around their voice.

Isaac Freckleton, Fundwise Capital

Unsecured financing broker for small businesses and startups. Competitive advantage due to strategic lending algorithm.  Over 350 lead

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