RELENTLESS Management Group – experienced SaaS incubator with ‘zero fail’ target

April 8, 2020

The software industry has been responsible for the greatest creation of wealth in the history of the world. Most of this wealth goes to either the founders, or institutional investors at the IPO level.

But there is another section of the value-creation chain that has not been systematically and methodically tapped into – until now…

The ‘early growth phase’ – this is when a relatively young SaaS company goes from an MVP to actually producing meaningful recurring revenue. Once a company goes from MVP (typically valued around $4M) to recurring revenue, values can go as high as $100M (RMG’s target is $25M)

By getting into and out of companies at these ranges, RMG has a solid replicable roadmap to see a return of 4X-6X your investment in 2-3 years.

The key differentiator is the RISK associated with these deals:

1) RMG puts all prospective companies through their refined vetting process, ensuring a solid, viable economic model exists.

2) By providing shared resources to each company, RMG serves as a backstop to ensure an efficient use of capital, and a ‘no fail’ scenario for each company.

3) RMG is an experienced team providing active day-to-day leadership and oversight of each company, not just workshops.

RMG has taken the typical “9 out of 10 companies will fail” mantra from typical VCs and turned it on its head. Rather than bet on creating ONE unicorn that produces a 20X return, RMG is focused on 4 out of 5 producing a 6X return. Not only will investors make more money in less time, but we’ve helped more great companies with much needed services get to those customers who need them. No carnage.

Company Highlights:

  • Acquired 6 companies with private money since inception late 2017
  • Sold one company late 2018
  • Portfolio includes a fully issued patent, and two ‘patent pendings’
  • Strategic partners include: Sysco Foods, Intuit, GoDaddy,, United Airlines

This is an opportunity to be a part of a company changing the way early stage SaaS companies go to market, while making a very nice, low risk return along the way.

Let me know when we can schedule a call with the company founders to discuss the opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.


Scott Kelly, CEO

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