Pitch Deck Essentials

January 1, 2018

During the fundraising process you will need two types of pitch decks. One is the version you will send out with all pertinent information, including everything you need to have people understand your story and where you are heading. The second version of the pitch deck will be used during presentations. This version will contain illustrative graphics that will add to your presentation.

In terms of slides and categories, Sequoia Capital recommends including:

1) Company purpose

2) Problem

3) Solution

4) Why now

5) Market size

6) Product

7) Team

8) Business model

9) Competition

10) Financials

The 3 keys to powerful pitch decks that get funded:

  • Clear and simple
  • Compelling
  • Easy to act on


Courtesy – Alejandro Cremades , The Art of Startup Fundraising

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