Below you will find the portfolio of projects we are working on:

MEDINEXO® is a Global Inter-Consultation Network. Our disruptive proposition connects Clinicians Case-centered across healthcare silos and country borders. The Company’s technology platform is specifically designed to connect Doctors to Doctors while supporting compliant management of electronic records, Clinician Teams, Industry Participant contributions, care team support and more. http://medinexo.com

RefRatings is the one-stop-shop mobile app dedicated to fan engagement, from informing bets and facilitating discussions to blowing the whistle on calls. We harness cutting-edge machine learning and neural network technology to provide superior sports betting insights, helping fans to bet smarter. Our “tailgate” forums provide a platform where fans can easily interact with friends and the sports community while the score of the game updates in real time. The exclusive, patented “RefRatings” feature gives fans a way to interact with the game and make an impact by voting on good, bad, and missed calls. RefRatings.com

Helpful Farms is a manufacturing facility located in Phoenix that manufacturers for 120 stores nationally. They make 50 skus including pet products, topical and edibles. They own four retail locations and are adding two more this year including a wellness center and a drive thru express window.

They also have a cafe attached to our Phoenix location full of hemp infused foods. (they also own Zonka edibles in the cannabis space) They have been in business since 2012 and are expanding quickly.

Chronic Internet is a holding company of portfolio websites focused on the cannabis industry without the direct sale of any cannabis products. Through their digital media agency, businesses can leverage the niche market of engaged users from their network of cannabis-oriented dating events, jobs, clothing, business directories, photo rating sites, and classified marketplaces.  http://ChronicInternet.com

SaferNet; powerful, easy-to-use internet monitor, control and security Saas system that can protect all connected devices through our cloud-based VPN software anywhere in the world.  Safernet.com

Care Mosiac’s goal is to optimize the opportunity for people to live happy, vital lives in their homes to the age of 100 and beyond. They do this through curating best-in-class breakthrough innovations, providing them on our elegant platform, and making them hyper-usable to seniors through simple, always on voice, video, TV connection and ambient monitors throughout the home.

Cocoon is the first browser to transparently offer users the opportunity to cash in on their own data or keep their data private and protected from third parties. Cocoon’s focus continues to be on creating a better browsing experience and looks to finding a niche of protecting and creating opportunities for users. GetCocoon.com

HazardHub is the only third-generation provider of property-level hazard risk databases. Our team of scientists translates huge amounts of geospatial digital data into easy-to-understand answers, providing risk assessments that can be used to make real-world decisions. HazardHub provides comprehensive, national coverage for risks that destroy and damage property, including perils from air (wind, hail, tornado, lightning), water (flood, coastal storm surge), earth (earthquake, brownfield, Superfund) and fire (wildfire and fire protection.) hazardhub.com 


MrktStar is the world’s largest prediction marketplace for everyone. Get paid for being right. Mrktstar.com

Refer is a powerful Referral Marketing System that helps our clients grow a trusted referral network to assist them in filling their sales pipeline with warm leads. Our System enables professional service providers to refer and be referred. Refer.com

I’ve Been Vetted – www.IveBeenVetted.com

The team at I’ve Been Vetted (IBV), creators of the world’s first six-month renewable background check, now provide automated pass/fail employment background checks to screen employees and contractors during their employment. Our deep dive checks monitor employees during their employment, as courts are increasingly penalizing companies that conduct a pre-employment background check. Uber was just ordered pay $10 million in settlement of sexual harassment committed by its independent contractors for insufficient vetting.

Pitch and network with venture capitalists, angels and accredited investors from Silicon Valley and throughout the country at our Venture Capital Fast Pitch Conferences.

Black Dog Venture Partners has hosted investor events throughout the west and has raised millions of dollars for start ups as a direct result of our fast pitch conferences. VCFastPitch.com

Show Business Report is the entertainment publication of Black Dog Venture Partners providing the latest news and features in film, TV, music, theatre and sports. ShowBusinessReport.com

Black Dog Gaming is the esports and video game division of Black Dog Venture Partners.

Our goal is to provide a suite of services to video game developers and esports organizations including:

  • Access to equity and debt capital
  • Business development and sales management
  • Publicity and media relations
  • Digital and social media marketing
  • Event promotion and sponsor activation
  • Business coaching and management team development

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you succeed, please contact us at team@blackdoggaming.com