Below you will find the portfolio of projects we are working on:

Neuro Therapeutics is a digital health startup, building hardware products and software platforms designed to measurably improve brain health. The company’s Versus product helps health and wellness providers scale their practices by delivering brain health services in a modern, scalable fashion. GetVersus.com

SMART Brain Aging, Inc. is a healthcare technology company delivering research supported programs, in-person and virtually, that reduce cognitive decline in aging brains. We currently offer two programs: Brain U Clinic and Brain U Online.

SMART Brain Aging, Inc. was incorporated in 2016 with the backing of over seven years of dementia research and many years of design and development. The inspiration for the products we provide comes from the research of Dr. John DenBoer, clinical neuropsychologist, and is further fueled by the personal family experiences with dementia of both Dr. DenBoer and other company staff. SmartBrainAging.com

TuneRegistry is an all-in-one music & rights metadata management platform for the independent music community.

We provide a secure environment for music creators and rights-holders to collect, organize, store, and manage metadata in an easy-to-use cloud-based catalog. What sets TuneRegistry apart from similar catalog software is our powerful Registrations Engine, which streamlines the delivery of title registrations to music rights organizations, data services, and music industry entities in our ever-growing network of exchanges  Learn more at https://www.tuneregistry.com


rivvibe™ is a third generation family recipe. Before the drink was bottled and named rivvibe™, it was an assuming moringa tea that the Rivera family would use to stay hydrated, refreshed, and energized. It was an iced tea on a hot summer day or steeped in a warm mug during the cooler months.

With powerful antioxidants and electrolytes that occur naturally in our ingredients, rivvibe™ creates a crossover drink category, a Sports Tea.

At just 5 grams of sugar and 25 calories, drink rivvibe™ anytime, guilt free. With such a low sugar and carbohydrate count, we are excited to announce that rivvibe™ is diabetic friendly, as well.  Visit https://www.rivvibe.com to learn more


Precision Equine Solutions, LLC is a woman-owned business founded in 2012 and headquartered in Austin, Texas.  Founder Cherie Hecht is an avid equestrian with a background in equine wellness, equine nutrition and equine sports therapy. She developed Precision Joint Solution, in her quest to find a leg support that worked. Precision Joint Solution all-in-one leg support system and PES Derm Wound Gel are sold wholesale and retail in the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Visit our US website at www.precisionequinesolutions.com or our international website at www.pjsi.eu


DuuL – www.duulnow.com

DuuL is the first solution that allows Video Gamers to participate in eSports (video game competitions) to win money and prizes by playing the games they love on any platform available, with gamer’s of their same skill level.

Hiipe – www.Hiipe.me

Hiipe allows you to stay in touch with friends and family, without depending on phone numbers. You also earn points for inviting others and for making audio and video calls.

So now you can get something back for all the effort you put into staying in touch by redeeming SmartRewards with the SmartPoints you earn.  Hiipe works on 3G/4G and Wi-Fi, anywhere in the world.

Also, small businesses anywhere in the world looking to advertise their products or services can do so FREE as business sponsors by registering on the website.

Reign esports – www.Reign.gg

Reign is an American esports organization that provides viewers with top tier rosters spanning multiple games and a Twitch stream team that features some of the most prominent talent that streaming has to offer.

Esports (electronic sports) are a form of competition where video games are utilized to allow players to compete.

Streaming has become a prominent entertainment source for gamers that allows them to connect with like minded players and popular community icons. Reign’s stream team has a total of 6,075,855 total views over their streaming careers and a combined 273,767 followers.

The team recently won LAN ETS, one of the largest gaming events in Canada.

With players on stage and personalities online, Reign is a unique opportunity for advertisers and investors to join the new age of sports.


I’ve Been Vetted – www.IveBeenVetted.com

The team at I’ve Been Vetted (IBV), creators of the world’s first six-month renewable background check, now provide automated pass/fail employment background checks to screen employees and contractors during their employment. Our deep dive checks monitor employees during their employment, as courts are increasingly penalizing companies that conduct a pre-employment background check. Uber was just ordered pay $10 million in settlement of sexual harassment committed by its independent contractors for insufficient vetting.


FundingPost – www.FundingPost.com

For 14 Years FundingPost has worked to bring entrepreneurs together with leading investors worldwide. We believe that it is important to reach investors in every medium possible – both online and offline.

Through our national Venture Capital Events, Venture Guide Magazine, Books, Webinars and our online Venture Exchange, FundingPost has had the opportunity to work with thousands of Angel and Venture Capital, Corporate VCs and Family Office Investors representing over $108 Billion. We make introductions from Investors to Entrepreneurs Every Day!

It’s Business Time provides a unique place for businesses to go to for the necessary resources, advertising options, education and community in which to be successful. It gives American businesses a voice and helps them succeed in an ever-changing marketplace. From bookkeeping to digital marketing to human resources to CRMs and local business events, this show covers anything and everything pertaining to businesses, including an array of industry experts who impart insightful tips and advice.

The show will also cater to the average person who may have always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur or is looking for tips on how to get that next job or who would like more insight on how the business community and its marketing efforts affect them. It will be a show for just about anyone.

Black Dog Gaming is the esports division of Black Dog Venture Partners providing consulting, business development and fundraising for disruptive esports and gaming entrepreneurs.