Onata™ an eco-system for the Universe of Services™

July 18, 2018

Onata™ is an eco-system for the Universe of Services™ Onata.com

People go through the cycle of Life – from being a kid, being a high schooler, being college students, residing with parents, living alone, sharing an apartment, getting married, raising kids, throwing parties etc.

At every phase of life, there is a need for different services but there is not a single source (app) that provides all the services needed.

The Onata team carefully examined the needs of the people at different stages of life and that of people having dependents (like infants, toddlers, adolescents, parents, partners, pets, automobiles, appliances, homes, etc.) at different stages of life.

With that experience, they developed an ecosystem for the universe of services required by people at all stages of life and people having dependents at different stages of life.

• Fully functional on iOS, Android, and Web platforms
• Launched in NJ Market. Services Launched: Neighborhood, Campus and Lend/Borrow
• 65 Providers and 5,500 Consumers already using platform
• 5,000 Website visits per day

The company is poised for rapid growth.

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