Latest Portfolio Companies From Black Dog Venture Partners

June 29, 2020

I wanted to update you on our latest portfolio companies:

 An easy to use Cloud-based Integrated Telehealth Communication platform that any organization can leverage to drive digital connection points for Hospitals, Doctors and Patients

Native MMO:
 A Massively Multiplayer Online Casino and Slot game that replaces the ‘spinning reels’ used in traditional slots with a patent pending Monster Tamer mechanic made popular by games like Pokemon. Effectively creating an entirely new Genre of Online Gambling and Monopolizing it at the same time. The Native MMO will be licensed to the Native Gaming Casino as well as over 400 online casino license partners around the world with a marketing team consisting of the top influencers, streamers and affiliates in the iGaming space.

Underwater Torpedo League(UTL): 
UTL is an underwater sport that was built by Marine Special Forces Water Survival Instructors. It has been an underground sport within the military for over a decade, and is now available to the public in Southern California as of 2018. Soon, it will be available in the Bay Area and Las Vegas.

 Mobile sSports Gaming Platform produces a richer, valuable experience for 2.5 billion gamers globally, delivering games with increased retention, monetization and player LTV.

 Booking talent for your next production just got a whole lot easier! Simplify your talent search and save time, money, and resources by using Castar. Just post your gig to the app and receive submissions from only the most qualified talent.

 Enables leaders to see and anticipate risk. Our patent-pending AI software platform is built to determine the potential for risk and to identify the conditions that drive potential, in real-time.

Dun Rite Games:
 Revolutionize the mobile gaming industry by introducing a world class game and a whole new ecosystem built around it.

Infamy Fantasy Esports:
 They Bring daily fantasy sports to the world of esports, giving video game fans a new way to engage with the games they love. Create a fantasy team from top Fortnite players and compete for your competition’s cash.

Ref Ratings:
 A mobile app for sports fans providing advanced predictive analytics for betting, forums to interact with the sports community, and a meaningful outlet to rate officiating.

Bohemian Revolution Beverage Co: For the busy, on-the-go person who needs something that consistently gets the job done-whether at work or at home, in class or in the car…our compact, dependable and travel friendly products deliver results. One scoop of Bohemian Revolution powders and you will feel the difference. Bohemian Revolution products are available at and at

If you are interested in additional information or introductions to any of these companies, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Kelly

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