Black Dog Venture Partners Announces Annual Pitch Event, Officially Opens Operations in Las Vegas

December 12, 2017

December 12, 2017 – PHOENIX, AZ/LAS VEGAS, NV – With its friendly tax climate, low cost of living and growing entrepreneur infrastructure, Las Vegas makes an ideal breeding ground for startups. In the past 5 years, Nevada has become a hotbed with the emergence of the Innevation Center and the Downtown Project.

Today, Arizona-based company, Black Dog Venture Partners announced they have officially opened operations in Las Vegas with their Director of Business Development, Tasha Woodfall.  Tasha, like many, sees the potential for the Las Vegas startup ecosystem.

She says, “What the Las Vegas startup community can really improve on is helping new companies scale after they start and it’s no question that raising capital is one of the biggest challenges these companies face.”

She goes on “Our Las Vegas pitch events will open that door of opportunity for our community and for many of our local startups.”

Black Dog Venture Partners will be hosting a local annual pitch event to give entrepreneurs the ability to pitch to active out-of-town and local investors.  They have hosted investor conferences throughout the west and have raised millions of dollars for startups as a direct result of their pitch conferences.

“We bring in panels of local and out-of-town investors to focus on pitching to early-stage investors. We have investors from Silicon Valley, Southern California and Seattle along with local investors and will introduce them to Nevada entrepreneurs and discuss what it takes to get them to write you a check.”

She goes on “There is both an educational and networking aspect to this event.  We are always looking for investors to join our panel, sponsors, and great companies to pitch.  If interested, let me know.”

Their next event will be on March 29, 2018, at Wedgewood at Stallion Mountain.  To register go to

About Black Dog Venture Partners

Black Dog Venture Partners provides venture capital consulting, corporate finance, business development, digital marketing and publicity for regional and national brands and fast-growing companies. Black Dog’s team has a long history of success in the entertainment, sports, technology and finance industries.

Black Dog Venture Partners has hosted investor conferences throughout the west and has raised millions of dollars for startups as a direct result of our fast pitch conferences. Learn more at

Contact: Scott Kelly, 480-206-3435, or Tasha Woodfall, 702-824-6734,


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