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April 15, 2017

It’s Business Time provides a unique place for businesses to go to for the necessary resources, advertising options, education and community in which to be successful. It gives American businesses a voice and helps them succeed in an ever-changing marketplace. From bookkeeping to digital marketing to human resources to CRMs and local business events, this show covers anything and everything pertaining to businesses, including an array of industry experts who impart insightful tips and advice.

The show will also cater to the average person who may have always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur or is looking for tips on how to get that next job or who would like more insight on how the business community and its marketing efforts affect them. It will be a show for just about anyone.

Your Hosts:

Mike is an MBA and is REALTOR and Corporate Trainer at West USA Realty, Inc. He is also the co-host (Winey) of the Mike & Winey Show.

Scott Kelly is CEO of Black Dog Venture Partners and other media ventures providing PR, Digital Marketing and Business Development, Angel/VC consulting.

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