The Intersection of PR, Social Media and Marketing for Maximum ROI

April 15, 2014

Maximum ROI

The Intersection of PR, Social Media and Marketing for Maximum ROI

I thought I would share a bit about how we help companies like yours maximize their growth.

We believe a coordinated and managed social media promotion, marketing, sales and publicity campaign is critical to take full advantage of all opportunities. The “intersection” is how we maximize ROI

For example:
1.    Maximized social media, digital marketing and publicity can generate increased lead generation and revenue from product and service sales.
2.    Effective marketing, sales and strategic partnerships provide opportunities for increased publicity and even more sales.

Our staff of digital marketers, writers, event promoters and PR agents are able to work seamlessly with existing company’s staff or work independently (we become your marketing department). For this reason we have outlined our responsibilities below to better meet your goals on a more cost effective basis while maximizing return on investment (ROI).

What we do:

– Provide an analysis to review current marketing, PR and sales activities to determine what positioning is necessary for lead generation and conversion to sales, effective social media marketing, branding, publicity, event promotion and maximum Return on Investment (ROI) opportunities.

– We become your SOCIAL MEDIA AGENCY/DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY. We will work with your staff to develop content and promotions aimed at significantly increasing fans and followers that convert to data files (leads) and ultimately clients. We develop and market social media accounts (Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) and manage your digital communications (email, blogs, etc.). In addition, we proactively market your company, products and services to bloggers and social media “influencers”.

– We become your PUBLIC RELATIONS AGENCY. We will proactively seek to maximize your industry, local and national press coverage and leverage all opportunities for maximum media exposure. We write and distribute press releases and send story ideas to the media and follow up via phone to “pitch” media coverage and interviews for your company, its promotions, events and related activities. BDP will work closely with your staff to maximize potential press opportunities.

– We become your SALES AGENCY. We develop New Partnerships aimed at providing new means to sell your product and services. Our 25 years of connections become YOUR connections.

Learn more about how the “Intersection” can benefit your company, give me a call.

Scott Kelly, CEO
Black Dog Promotions/

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