How Can I Help Your Business?

September 23, 2018

I was on an investor panel this week and an attendee commented, “I don’t need to raise capital. How can you help me?” This prompted me to share how we help businesses.

Here is a sample of what we do:

  1. Provide an analysis and review of investor relations, PR and sales activities of your company AND competing companies to propose and implement what positioning is necessary for improved investor relations and outreach, sales, lead generation and conversion, effective marketing, branding, publicity and maximum Return on Investment (ROI) opportunities.
  2. Become your CORPORATE FINANCE, INVESTOR RELATIONS AND FUNDRAISING ADVISOR. Our team advise on all fundraising, corporate finance activities to maximize investment opportunities for your business. We will assist in preparation and distribute pitch decks, executive summaries and other due diligence materials and set up presentation opportunities to our network of angels, VCs and accredited investors.
  3. Become your BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT. We will develop New Partnerships with other strategic partners aimed at providing new sales opportunities for your business. Our current contacts will be key early partners.
  4. Become your FINANCIAL PUBLIC RELATIONS AGENCY.  To generate additional traction and third-party endorsements for investors, we proactively seek to maximize your industry, local and national press coverage and leverage all opportunities for maximum media exposure. We write and distribute press releases and send story ideas to the media and follow up via phone to “pitch” media coverage and interviews for your business and your activities. We work closely with your staff to maximize potential press opportunities.
  5. Advise and consult with your staff, consultants and advisors on existing and future marketing, sales and investor relations activities.
  6. We will feature your business in monthly newsletter that reaches over 30,000 a minimum of once per month. Features will include company updates, events and new business announcements.
  7. We implement 90-day action plan to quickly generate investor interest and new business.

If you think these services would be valuable to you or a business you know, let me know.

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