The Future of SEO

June 19, 2014

Written by Shirin Ahmadpour

Since the dawn of the Internet, companies have brought in techies and SEO experts to build more traffic for their sites. Building fans and building an audience gradually stopped being organic and became more like a computer game. Fortunately, the demand for authoritative and substantial information has fostered attention to filtering the sources that come up with every search.

The Future of SEO

If you search for “the next big thing” in Google, the first two links provided are all about start-ups and entrepreneurs, followed by any media stream that has that exact phrase as their title. Why is that not surprising? The start-up and entrepreneur links both have a significant amount of content about having or being “the next big thing.” Their sites may not be crowded with that phrase but their content supports, shows relevance, has had enough searches linked to them, and has built a viewership through marketing and social media.

Content is king

Since Google is the leading search engine, with more than 2 billion searches each day, what they consider high quality content matters. SEO has to be much more than stuffing content with keywords, it has to and is becoming more and more about creating content that actually matters to an audience. Computer tricks are getting pushed out and the call for content created for the people is being ushered in. High quality content is relevant, worthy of having readers, has yet to be deeply addressed by similar sites, and provides expert insight. The future of SEO truly lies in the hands of content creators.

Social media has an incredibly active role in the future of SEO too. It has become the fastest way to spread the word and build the buzz about anything. With more than 3.2 billion Facebook interactions, 500 billion Tweets, and 5 million photos uploaded to Instagram every day, social media results refine, identify and are a key player in what will rank highest in any search engine. If half the nation blasts social media with a dancing cat, and you search for anything funny or popular, odds are that dancing cat will appear in your search. This means that SEO is getting more personal and creating content and social media profiles that addresses people as human beings and not dollar signs is the way to build viewership and higher search results.

Create Some Buzz with PR

With content and social media on the mind, the final tool to tie them together is public relations. If the ultimate goal is to obtain earned media, then SEO and PR must intersect. What good are a bunch of words, if they are not properly shared or they are of no interest to your target audience? PR finds what’s newsworthy or blog worthy and SEO is there to optimize the high quality content. They are a word spreading team. The future of SEO is being shared amongst the avenues of substantial content, social media, and public relations. The teamwork amongst these can and will bolster a company’s online presence.

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