Facebook: More Business Than Social

February 10, 2014

By: Lauren Fach

Facebook was once the hot spot for social networking among college students, but in recent years it has experienced some changes to the user base demographic. Many of us know its history. Facebook was created 10 years ago, by Mark Zuckerberg while enrolled at Harvard University, where he developed this unique online platform for college students to socialize.

Facebook marketing tips

In 2012, Facebook became a publicly traded company and now has hefty financial goals that surpass the days of connecting college roommates for social gatherings without the intention of making a profit.

According to Social Media Today, many small businesses now know that social media is an excellent place for online marketing and are implementing more campaigns with social media, email and online surveys than they did five years ago. Even though many teenagers and college kids have moved on from Facebook for other platforms, such as Snapchat, Twitter and Whisper, their parents are still active Facebook users and in many households they are the perfect decision makers in which to market to.

Mom on Facebook

All of the major brands advertise on social media and now smaller companies, startups and “mom and pops” are finally jumping on board to keep up.

Facebook marketing, done correctly, can act as a substitute for many traditional methods of marketing.

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Here are a few tips to add to your Facebook marketing plan:

  • *Increase your followers, invite new and prospective customers to join your fan base.
  • *Market to specific followers by age, gender, interest and geographic location.
  • *Watch what your competitors are doing and what has worked for them.
  • *Boost posts for a small fee for greater reach.
  • *Run Facebook contests and ads. Track your progress to see if your campaign was successful.

Facebook is now a business. That being said, they are constantly changing and trying out new strategies to generate revenue. As Facebook has evolved, many fan pages have seen a decrease in engagement and reach than before. Although your fan page may have 5,000 fans, only a small percentage of them can see your posts show up in their newsfeed.

“Pages organically reach about 16 percent of their fans on average,” according to Facebook.

To combat this concern, Facebook suggests you sponsor your posts, also known as “pay-to-play.” This action gets your post more engagement, reach and activity. To make sure your fans see your stories, sponsor your posts to increase the reach of your content. Read more: http://on.fb.me/J5boyc

Some popular fan pages have run into issues when they didn’t play by Facebook’s new and ever changing rules. The Cool Hunter’s Facebook Page, a pop culture site which had a huge following, learned the hard way when it was shut down due to copyright infringement without any notice. This was a huge disappointment to Founder Bill Tikos and the approximately 800,000 fans, who looked to The Cool Hunter Facebook Page for stories shared from TheCoolHunter.net every day.

The Cool Hunter

“Recently, Facebook shut down The Cool Hunter‘s Facebook Page. Founder Bill Tikos, this week, posted about what happened, and was clearly frustrated, as the decision was a huge blow to his business. Facebook has confirmed with me today that the reason for the removal of the Page was multiple instances of copyright infringement.”

“Tikos said that five years’ worth of content and the Page’s 788,000 fans have been lost. The number of Likes on the Page increased between 1,500 and 2,500 daily, and the Page generated more than 10,000 clicks to the site TheCoolHunter.net every day.”

To find out more about why Facebook removed The Cool Hunter Facebook Page, please click here. To read Facebook’s Terms of Use, please click this link.

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