Building Your Brand Through LinkedIn

January 23, 2014

By: Lauren Fach

LinkedIn is an important social media platform with over 225 million members of business professionals.

LinkedIn is the number one place people go to learn about you and has a very high ranking in a Google search, showing up on the first page of Google. It’s assumed that all professionals have a LinkedIn profile.

It’s probably true that most people have heard about LinkedIn, and many people may even have a profile, but do they use it to its full potential?

Used correctly, LinkedIn builds an online representation of your brand, and gives you a place to house your portfolio and share that information with other business professionals.

I attended an interesting seminar called, “Building Your Brand Through LinkedIn” with Robin Bramman, and thought the information discussed was very valuable to our clients and the business community.

Building Your Brand With LinkedIn

How many have people set up a profile on LinkedIn and don’t know how to use it? If it’s not being used, it’s not being helpful. Some of the major problems with LinkedIn profiles are:

  1. They all look the same. No way to differentiate yours from the rest.
  2. They have no content posted. Use this profile like a portfolio to “brag” about your accomplishments.
  3. They have no context. Don’t appear to be passively active on the site.
  4. They have no clarity. Determine what you want to be known for and focus on those traits.
  5. They have no consistency. Timing is important. Act (and post) in the moment.
  6. They have no connectivity. How can others find you?

How to Succeed on LinkedIn:

Keep focused on the brand, which is YOU!

The 3 C’s are:

LinkedIn for business

The Process:

  • *Start with your brand’s goals
  • *Discover your personal brand first
  • *Position your message
  • *Align your online identity

What is a brand? It’s a unique promise of value.

  • *What value do you add to your target audience?
  • *What makes you unique?

Think about how the world works today. When you learn about a new brand, you look them up online, right?

“How many of you Googled me before this seminar? If I did not exist online, you would not have shown up today,” said Bramman. “You’d think, who is this girl who says she’s an expert?”

The world of work has changed forever. We no longer have the mentality that you will work for the same company after college graduation for the rest of your life. It’s more realistic that you will have a lifetime of different careers and LinkedIn is a wonderful way to capture these professional moments.

Think about:

  • *Who you are in life
  • *Who you are at work
  • *Who you are in the world

Make sure to add examples of who you are in each realm of your life. It’s important to include your background, interests and previous jobs. Those items are part of your portfolio, it’s not like a resume where you want to hide certain parts of your past. Include what you want people to know about you or how you’d like to be found professionally.


Who you are in life: a father, husband, designer, editor

Who you are at work: Lead Designer at EcoBuilt, Editor in Chief Archibuild Magazine

Who you are in the world: triathlete, family man, volunteer firefighter, Cubs fan


These are all ways people may find you or connect with you.

Start or enhance your LinkedIn profile today!

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