9 Benefits of Exhibiting At A Consumer Show

July 22, 2014

By: Lauren Fach

A consumer show is a large exposition in which different companies in a particular field or industry showcase their product or service to the general public. The vendors are the retailers and are able to sell product at the show and also use the show for lead generation.

Many of the companies who exhibit consumer shows are small businesses who want to be exposed to a new or larger demographic of customers. There are many benefits for businesses when exhibiting a consumer show.

The Ultimate Home and Outdoor Living Expo

Here’s our list of the top 9 reasons for your company to become a consumer show exhibitor:

1. Capture new customers, generate sales leads and set future appointments.
Tip: A product or service giveaway is a good incentive for people to give out their information. Make this an easy process with a tablet and include a feature where they can like you on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Consumers want to buy and are ready to buy = immediate sales. Meeting you in person can be the factor that influences their buying decision, so smile!
Tip: Bring more than enough product to sell. Include a coupon for a future purchase to entice them to shop with you again- in a store or online.

3. Your company will be seen by thousands of new eyes helping create brand recognition.
Tip: Give them a good first impression of your product. Hand out samples, give a short demonstration, provide a video clip, whatever works for your product or service to give people a “hands-on” experience.

4. See what your competition is doing and stand out.
Tip: Design a booth that draws in attention from the other side of the venue. Don’t forget to add icons reminding customers to find you on social media and to use your special event hashtag while at the show.

5. Consumer shows are a great place to launch a new product and hear feedback from the public. It’s like a focus group of thousands of people that get to try your product for the first time.
Tip: Listen to their reactions and report back to your founders.

6. Consumer shows are alive with tons of activities, installations, seminars, and exhibitors- there’s so much going on and the customer wants to see it all, including your booth. They can’t change the channel or turn the page. They are here to see you!
Tip: Give them a reason to stop and ask for more information about your business.

7. Show attendees are your target audience a.k.a. pre-qualified customers. They paid a ticket fee to attend the show, meaning they are interested in what you have to offer.
Tip: Be prepared to talk about your business. Have your business cards and a flyer about your company available to handout. Face-to-face marketing is natural at consumer shows, so be ready.

8. Show off your product in real life. YouTube is nice, but demonstrating a product or service is very persuasive. When customers have the opportunity to touch, feel, taste or smell the product, they are more likely to buy.

9. The show producer invests heavily in marketing the event. Susan Ratliff, Show Producer of the Arizona Sports Fan Expo said, “exhibitors must share in the responsibility for their success and notify their contacts and prospects of their show participation. Ratliff recommends sending a personal invitation out to your best customers and interested prospects inviting them to visit your booth at the show.
Tip: It’s always smart to post on social media when you’re at an event so your fans can find you. Create a Facebook event page and send it to your fan base. It’s a simple marketing strategy and it’s free!

Trade and Consumer shows focus on a variety of industries. There are consumer shows showcasing love for the outdoors like the International Sportsmen’s Expo, shows that feature sports and fitness like the Arizona Sports Fan Expo and home and garden shows like The Ultimate Home and Outdoors Expo. There are shows for just about any category your business may be in. If you have never considered taking your brand to a consumer show, maybe this is the year to give it a shot!

Some of our clients have had great success at consumer shows! Let’s see what they said about their experiences as a consumer show exhibitor.

Edna Lozano of Reborn Cabinets said, “We choose to exhibit at home shows because it’s fun to meet people face-to-face and see how excited they are about their remodeling projects.”

Reborn Cabinets is no stranger to exhibiting home shows and is excited for The Ultimate Home and Outdoor Living Expo in Costa Mesa, Calif. on Oct. 4-5.

To register for a booth at the upcoming Ultimate Home and Outdoor Living Expo, click here: www.thebesthomeshow.com.

For more tips on how to “Exhibit Like an Expert,” check out Susan Ratliff’s website: www.susanratliff.com.

For marketing and PR strategies, contact our CEO Scott Kelly. scott@blackdogpromotions.com.

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