10 Tips to Use Street Team Marketing to Supplement Your Social Media Strategy

March 12, 2014

By: Lauren Fach

The most important goal when marketing an event is to get the word out to anyone and everyone who may be interested.

The marketing department at Black Dog Promotions has had success in using street teams to spread the news about local events.

A street team is a group of people who “hit the street” promoting a product or an event. The Black Dog Promotions Street Team is sent to high-traffic areas to hang posters and place flyers in popular businesses throughout the Valley. They also work large events and hand out flyers to people in attendance to other events similar to those for which we are marketing.

Chris BDP Street Team

Street team management has changed a bit since its creation by record labels in the mid-90s. With smart phones, social media and camera phones, it’s now easier to keep your street team more accountable.

Here are some tips for what has worked for our street team:

1. Choose a trustworthy leader and ask the street team to report to him or her.

2. Do your homework. Map out the target area and research the events to be flyered. It may be helpful to make a calendar with assignments for the street team to keep them organized.

3. Have supplies for hanging posters and flyers. Buy tape, push pins and maybe even a staple gun- if you’re lucky!

4. Keep record of each place or event where the street team has been and have photos to prove it. Take a shot of the business name and one of where the flyers or posters were displayed. If flyering at an event, take photos of the team handing out flyers to people at the event. It’s best to document everything to show the client, if needed. We are using Dropbox to store the street team’s images and then posting as a photo album on the Black Dog Promotions Facebook page.


5. Ask permission when placing flyers or posters at restaurants, bars and small businesses. Communicate with business owners in a professional manner. If asked, be able to explain what you are doing, for whom and why.

6. Keep a google spreadsheet of where the street team flyered so that all parties can update their progress in real time. Try to send small groups to different locations and plan efficiently to avoid sending multiple groups to the same area.

7. Take flyers with you at all times and try to hand out or place them in businesses everywhere you go until you have run out of flyers. You’ll feel like a rockstar when you’ve given out all of your flyers way before everyone else!

BAD flyers

8. Use a smartphone app to track where the street team is handing out flyers. A good one to try is SimpleCrew.

9. Use social media to amplify engagement. Have member of the street team check in on Facebook or post their location to Twitter. Try using a whisper code, where someone mentions a phrase from your Facebook post or tweet and whispers that phrase to the street team for an incentive.

10. Communicate a deadline to the street team of when the collateral should be distributed by.

BDP Street Team\

Keep your eyes out for the Black Dog Promotions Street Team flyering for many of our clients events around the Valley.

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  1. Alan here, founder of SimpleCrew. Thanks for the shoutout guys 🙂 Let us know if you have any questions about the app, happy to help.

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